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The Iguazú Falls – Simply Impressive!

The Iguazú Falls are 2.7 kilometers wide and their height ranges between 60 and 82 meters. They have the largest system of falls in the world, after those of Niagara. On November 17, 1986, they were declared a Natural World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In 2011 they were chosen as one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Where are the Iguazu Falls?

The Iguazú Falls are located in the extreme north of the Province of Misiones in Argentina. They have 275 waterfalls and are close to the mouth of the Iguazú River on the Paraná, a point that serves as a natural border between Brazil and Argentina.

They were discovered by the Spanish Álvar Núñez Cabeza de Vaca, while making a crossing from the Atlantic Ocean to Paraguay in 1542.

Did you know that they were formed as a result of a volcanic eruption? It is a wonder what nature itself creates from another fascinating event.

A magical tour

The place is made up of various circuits: the upper one, the lower one and the Devil’s Throat. In addition, it contains a system of metal walkways that cross the jungle and allow access to the best views from various levels.

Look at them from where you look at them the show is served.

Under the full moon

Every month, the park opens at night for a walk along the walkways until you reach the Devil’s Throat, illuminated by the full moon. What a show! This phenomenon allows us to observe the change in color of the moon that goes from orange to white, as it reaches greater height.

Watching the water fall over the total abyss, having the possibility of connecting with the landscape thanks to the walkways that run through the National Park and receiving the water from the waterfalls as a kind of blessing, produces endless emotions that you should not miss.

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