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Istanbul – One of the most beautiful cities in the world

Istanbul will become one of the most beautiful cities in the world that you have ever visited and you will fall in love with it. Located on the Bosphorus Strait, which separates Europe and Asia. The city of a thousand minarets and home to approximately 15 million people, most of them inhabiting the European side.

In the air you will perceive the intense fragrance of black tea and Turkish coffee with the sound of the horns of the ships sailing in the morning. Mix of cultures and variety of architectural styles that will transport you to other times. A city where tradition and modernity coexist on a daily basis. Istanbul is the bridge between east and west.

Istanbul, the city of mosques, kebabs, Turkish baths, magical skylines, exoticism and movie corners. Let’s review some of the most beautiful places in this wonderful city.

Santa Sofía

Byzantine church converted into a mosque that became a museum in 1935. It was built to overshadow the Temple of Solomon in 537. It has collapsed and rebuilt several times due to earthquakes and was not completely stabilized until 1859. From its famous and huge dome is said “that changed the history of architecture”. For almost a thousand years it was the largest cathedral in the world.

Santa Sofía

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

The Blue Mosque is the most important mosque in Istanbul, built by Sultan Ahmed between 1609 and 1616. It has six minarets and its more than 20,000 blue tiles that adorn its dome make it beautiful. It has more than 200 stained glass windows and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling.

To enter the Blue Mosque, you must wear appropriate clothing and shoes before entering. Women must wear a veil on their shoulders and hair.

Blue Mosque

Dolmabahçe Palace

An imposing palace on the banks of the Bosphorus and an impressive example of Ottoman architecture. The palace functions as a museum to commemorate the history of Istanbul. Inspired by Versailles with an impressive marble facade over 600 meters long. All of this prepares us for the luxury that awaits us inside.

Domabahçe Palace

Galata Tower

One of the oldest towers in the world, where from its highest part you get one of the best views of Istanbul. Built of wood in 528 to serve as a lighthouse.

Galata Tower

Istanbul Grand Bazaar

One of the largest and oldest markets on the planet. Built in 1455 and has more than 3,600 stalls and 64 streets.

Grand bazaar

Istanbul Spice Bazaar

An essential place in Istanbul where you can buy spices, nuts, Turkish delights and soak up other divine flavors and smells.

Spice bazaar

Turkish kebab in Istanbul

You cannot stop trying the delicious Kebab of this spectacular city. When you visit the Spice Bazaar, without a doubt one of the most recommended places to enjoy this specialty is Shezade Erzurum. There are also other places like Dürümzade, where lavash with a smoky touch works to perfection.

In Istanbul, do not forget to visit other wonders such as the Topkapi Palace, have a tea from Uskudar, visit a hamman such as Çemberlitas Hanami and of course navigate the Bosphorus to see the Istanbul sunset.

As we said ….. Istanbul will make you fall in love!

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