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The essence of New York – What to see

New York, the city that never sleeps awaits us. Immense city, with its skyscrapers, multicultural neighborhoods, museums, parks, viewpoints, shops, restaurants, musicals, theaters and an endless number of charming places.

We have listed a list of things to see and do in New York. If this is the first time and you don’t know where to start, here is a good start.

  • Go down Broadway, one of the most famous streets in Manhattan, where you can see the best plays and musicals in the world.
  • Go up to the Empire State Building, to enjoy unique views of the city
Empire State
  • Devour a burger at the Shake Shake, one of the most famous burger joints in NY.
  • Catch a free ferry to Staten Island, an hour before dark, to enjoy day and night views of the Statue of Liberty and of course the Manhattan skyline.
  • Take a walk around the borough of Queens
  • Enjoy a good brunch at 230 Fitth, admiring the views of the city.
  • Watch a Knicks game at Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden (Nicks)
  • Attend a Gospel mass at one of the Harlem churches
  • Cross the Brooklyn Bridge at sunset, taking photos from all angles
Puente de Brooklyn
  • Touring Chinatown at night
  • See some of the Broadway shows
  • Walk Fifth Avenue
  • Go to Wall Street on a weekday to see it in action.
  • Admire the Chrysler building
  • Take the NY subway
  • Visit the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island.
Estatua de la Libertad
  • Get lost in Rockefeller Center
  • Run through The Reservoir, one of the most beautiful areas of Central Park
  • Tour the Greenwich Village neighborhood
  • Visit MoMA, the most important Museum of Modern Art in the world
  • Watch a New York Giants football game
  • Eat a hot dog at a street stall or at Gray’s Papaya
  • See the ATLAS sculpture at Rockefeller Plaza

  • Touring Soho and entering some record store
  • Stroll through Chelsea Market and see its original shops and restaurants

If you have time to see everything I propose, you will have absorbed an important part of the essence of NY.

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