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Master cities of chocolate

Chocolate, one of people’s favorite delicacies, has become the main delicacy in many cities around the world. In some cases, they are the famous factories, others the recipes they offer or the itineraries, and others are paradises for addicts of this exquisite food.

Let’s see this time really delicious destinations.

Belgian chocolate from Brussels, Belgium

Considered the World Capital of Chocolate since Jean Neuhaus, famous Belgian chocolatier invented the praline 100 years ago. In this city we find the Musee du Cocao, where you will discover its history and production process.

With its more than 500 different brands, we find everything from artisanal production factories to some more exotic ones.

New York and chocolate

This world-wide visited destination is also a place for lovers of this food. M&M World and Hershey’s Chocolate World stores offer a good example of this. Located in Times Square and one in front of the other, they make you hesitate which one to visit first.

Thanks to its multiculturalism, food from all over the world arrives in New York, and that is why you can even take the “Luxury Chocolate Tour” where you will most likely fill your bags with this delicious food.

This great city also has two well-known confectioneries known worldwide such as Max Brenner and Magnolia Backery.

Paris, France

The city of Paris is home to more than 300 shops dedicated to the sale and production. Their specialty is the bitter black flavor. Every two years, you can enjoy the world’s largest chocolate fair together with the World Chocolate Masters Championships.

Its renowned French chocolate is world renowned, and you can locate the best shops in the Saint Germain Des Prés neighborhood.

Swiss chocolate from Zurich, Switzerland

The best place in the world to enjoy it in its variety with milk is without a doubt Zurich. Strolling through the Lindt & Sprüngl factory, which houses a museum inside, is one of the attractions that you cannot miss.

In the Bahnhofstrasse are some of the world’s producers of this exquisite delicacy, being one of the most luxurious avenues in Zurich. Don’t forget to have the legendary champagne truffles.

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