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Melbourne Street Art – A Walk in Pure Color

Melbourne Street Art is undoubtedly one of the benchmarks for artists of all styles, ages and nationalities. Each of these artists has made their mark in Melbourne.

Melbourne, capital of the State of Victoria in Australia, has been chosen for the fourth consecutive year as the best city in the world to live in. It is the second largest city in Australia, only surpassed by Sydney and one of the most visited par excellence.

In this post we are going to focus all our attention on the urban art of Melbourne, due to its color and originality, standing out as one of the world capitals of urban art or street art.

The only requirement that the authorities demand is that the artist has the authorization of the owner of the wall or facade where they want to work. In Melbourne, any surface is good to express yourself artistically!


The urban art of Melbourne has its great bet in the graffiti that is displayed on its streets, the famous Hosier Lane being one of its references. Walking through these streets is like walking through a modern art gallery.

Local institutions support this artistic modality and it is considered an important element of urban culture and therefore it is allowed, respected and preserved.

Hosier Lane is the central street of art that draws the largest crowds of photographers, art lovers and tourists who are dazzled. Nothing is safe on that street, every surface is spray painted in a multitude of colors. Some spray art works are quite old, up to 10 years old.

There is even a guided tour through some of the alleys since many artists have left their stamp impregnated in aerosols.

Melbourne Street Art

In other streets such as Rutledge Lane, Caledonian Lane, Queen Street, the corner of Flinders or the intersection of Collins Street with Flinders Lane, they are some of the most recommended places to admire Melbourne’s urban art.

Any corner, lamppost, square, alley or wall becomes a perfect place for artists to express themselves in total freedom.

When you least expect it … could you stumble upon a sample of this urban art!

AC/DC Lane

If you are a fan of AC / DC, this is your street. A few meters from Hosier Lane you can find graffiti and phrases about this mythical rock band. For rock lovers it is almost a must to visit the Cherry Bar.

As you can see, Melbourne’s urban art is an amazing place to visit. Do not hesitate to take photos to share them on your social networks!

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