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Menorca, the paradisiac Balearic island

Menorca, the paradisiac Balearic island is a very attractive destination to enjoy the special and wild charm that this Mediterranean island houses. With its 216 kilometers of coastline, we will find a range of coves which are more beautiful. We have them small and remote, but also large with a wild character or totally urbanized for those who seek to combine nature and comfort.

On a sailboat with full sail wind

If what you want is to be able to observe all the shades of blue that are appreciated in the sea, and contemplate the island from another perspective, you should not miss visiting it with a sailboat. Menorca offers an unforgettable experience, sailing in silence, rocking with the waves and discovering coves that are only accessible by sea.

The most used routes reach Cala Pilar, Cala Pregonda and Favaritx offering access to unexplored places on the island. In these places, the full-day sailing trip includes food on board.

Touring the south of Menorca will allow us to get to know some of the best coves up close, such as Macarella, Macaralleta, Turqueta, Son Saura, Trebaluger, Escoxada or Mitjana.

Cala Macaralleta

But if what you want is a shorter walk with a romantic touch, it can also be done at sunset and admire how the island takes on the colors of the sunset.

The culture of Menorca

We find the city of Ciudadela, with its stately touch, which borders the port to the Castillo de San Nicolás. A tour of its historic center will make us immerse ourselves in a city of singular beauty.

In the port of Ciudadela, if we go in summer and certain atmospheric conditions come together, we will be able to observe a natural phenomenon that consists in that the sea oscillates up and down until it overflows. See how the boats go up and down in a few seconds, it is a sight to see. These oscillations are known as rissaga.

Port Ciudadela

If we want to see one of the most touristic places on the island, we should not miss the Binibeca fishing village. Its narrow streets and whitewashed houses form a labyrinth that looks like something out of a postcard.


Curiosities – Cova d’en Xoroi

This cave, located on a cliff in the southern part of the island, has several terraces and viewpoints at various heights. During the day it is a music bar where you can listen to chill out until sunset watching the sunset, leaving a romantic touch in its wake and at night a disco.

Cova d’en Xoroi

As you can see, Menorca is a paradisiac Balearic island where you can find places to lose yourself and fully enjoy a destination that you will not easily forget.

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