The Cies Islands – The Galician paradise of the Rías Baixas

This natural paradise of the Vigo estuary is part of the maritime-terrestrial Natural Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia (Spain). The Cíes Islands are made up of three islands. The first two are linked by the sandy area of ​​Rodas beach and a breakwater. They were declared a Natural Park in 1980 and included in the National Park of the Atlantic Islands of Galicia created in 2002.

The Guardian newspaper, awarded the Rodas Beach with the distinction of “the best beach in the world”. Therefore, it is worth going into the beautiful Galicia to know, among other attractions, the Cíes Islands.

How to get to the Cies Islands

From the port of the largest city in Galicia called Vigo, in the heart of the Rias Baixas, a boat departs that upon reservation will bring you closer to these paradisiacal islands. A journey of approximately 45 minutes, where looking closely we will see wild dolphins submerging in the sea hunting for the shoals of sardines until we finally reach the jetty on the beach of Rodas where we will disembark.

There are different routes if we want to see the Islands in depth. The Cíes Lighthouse Route after a 3.64 km walk or to reach the Silla de la Reina where the views are impressive.

Beaches of the Cies Islands

Taking a bath in Playa de Rodas, with its fine white sand and cooling off in the cold but inviting Atlantic Ocean is one of the wonderful sensations you can experience.

Wonders under the sea

If we opt for snorkeling or diving we can admire the marine diversity found in these wonderful Islands.


Galicia stands out for its gastronomic delights and tasting at the Rodas Restaurant, a feira octopus, crabs, barnacles or grilled seabream will make the day wonderful. Of course, without stopping to drink a good Ribeiro wine with a top of an excellent teat cheese with quince.

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