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The Ocala Forest in Florida – USA

The Ocala Forest covers 1,579 square kilometers of protected land in central Florida. It is a magical place, which has more than 600 lakes, rivers and springs where you can also practice different water sports.

This National Park offers the possibility of camping, hiking, rowing, cycling and even snorkeling. You will not only be able to carry out different activities but also see animals, such as bears, crocodiles, birds, etc.

If you want to enjoy the fauna and flora of Florida in its splendor, this is the place par excellence. There are different points that are very attractive and you should not miss them.

Alexander Springs Recreation Area

If you are prepared to enjoy yourself in a natural water park, this spring will excite you. With its ideal temperature, and unparalleled transparency, it looks like an almost tropical environment.

Alexander Springs Recreation Area

Juniper Springs Recreation Area in Ocala Forest

If, on the other hand, what seduces you are the bubbling turquoise waters, with a denser natural thickness where you can camp, then this place will amaze you.

Juniper Springs Recreation Area

You can camp both in camps and in the cabins that are in the entire area and that you can rent like the ones offered by Florida Traveler

Salt Springs Recreation Area

This place is one of the wonders of the Ocala Forest. It is a spring where the waters come out of the interior of the earth and have a high content of potassium, magnesium and sodium. Having a high salinity it is known as Salt Springs. It is 4.5 miles long and rowing is one of the best options. You can also tour it with jet skis.

Salt Springs Recreation Area

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