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Traveling to Portugal: its 10 destinations that you cannot miss

Traveling to Portugal will become one of your favorite deistinations when you know at least 10 of tist possible destinations.

Portugal, a country in Europe located on the Iberian Peninsula, which borders Spain to the east and west and the Atlantic Ocean to the south and west.

In Portugal, there are many essential places that you should not miss. It is a country with a good climate almost all year round, it has an exquisite gastronomy, renowned wines, charming towns and all this surrounded by the beaches of the Atlantic Ocean. We are going to take a tour of the 10 most emblematic places that will undoubtedly make you fall in love. Let’s get started!


In Lisbon the capital of Portugal we find one of the favorite places to visit, which is the Alfama neighborhood. Its narrow streets, neighborhood shops and crafts, will make you wrap yourself in the essence of the city. Touring the city you will be able to enjoy the views of the city from the spectacular viewpoints that are scattered around each emblematic place and have you ever gotten on an old tram? Do not hesitate! Get on and go to the Barrio de Bélem, or have a drink in the Barrio Alto.

Lisbon (Portugal)


In the south of Portugal we find the Algarve, which stands out for its spectacular beaches and coves within a privileged natural environment. You will see its long coastline of sand and turquoise waters, with beaches that are among the most beautiful in Europe, such as Praia da Marinha, Praia de Dona Ana or Praia da Rocha.

Ancient villages of white fishermen’s houses and narrow streets, like the town of Tavira. And don’t you think it would be romantic to see the sunset in Cabo de San Vicente?

Algarve (Portugal)


Sintra, declared a World Heritage Site in 1995 and located in a natural park. Here we will find the Palacio da Pena, with a colorful architecture or the Quinta da Regaleira Palace, a magical place with spectacular gardens.

In Sintra we can also go into the historic center to reach the Castelo dos Mouros, the National Palace of Sintra, the Convent of the Capuchos and the Chalet. This example forms a group of places that you should not miss.

Sintra (Portugal)


To the north of Lisbon is one of the most beautiful towns in Europe, surrounded by walls that contain white houses, red roofs, balconies and terraces full of flowers. You will walk through narrow cobbled streets.

Óbidos (Portual)


It rivals Lisbon in beauty and is famous for wine. In Porto you have to taste its delicious cuisine in which cod predominates and have a glass of wine in one of the famous Vila Nova de Gaia wineries.

We will be able to take tours aboard a cruise ship that crosses the 6 bridges so as not to miss anything.

Port (Portugal)


It is the jewel of Alentejo, located in south central Portugal. Do you want to get lost in the middle of its medieval towns and fortified cities? Évora has a historic center declared a World Heritage Site and it is one of the most beautiful cities traveling to Portugal. In addition to its gastronomy, historical monuments, you can also enjoy its lively nightlife.


Located between Porto and Lisbon, it is an ancient medieval capital. Full of charming corners, hidden patios, narrow cobbled streets. We find another World Heritage Site such as the University of Coimbra. In the Baixa part we will find the Praça Do Comércio, it is a commercial area of ??bourgeois houses.

Coimbra (Portugal)


If we continue traveling to Portugal we will discover Madeira. Located west of the Moroccan coast in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is an island with unique vegetation and landscapes. Very mountainous with volcanic origin, with some of the highest cliffs in Europe and laurel forests (almost extinct in Europe).

If you like hiking, you can walk along its incredible paths, delighting in the wonderful and exuberant nature.

Madeira (Portugal)


Make a getaway to this beautiful medieval town, it is worth it. It is known for being the “cradle of Portugal”. Its historic center is surrounded by walls, declared a World Heritage Site. You will find the Castle of Guimaraes or the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza.


Without a doubt, you cannot miss the picturesque city to the south of Porto known as the “Portuguese Venice”. If you dare to take a walk through the canals in some “Moliceiro”, so similar to the gondolas, you will enjoy a walk through the historic center. Don’t forget to try the “ovos moles”, typical egg sweets that will invite you to try more than one.

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