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Traveling with pets – Where to travel with your best friend

Traveling with pets because our mascot is one more! This is a reality but when we want to enjoy our vacations accompanied by our pets, problems begin. The biggest problem that travelers with pets find is when it comes to transporting their pet to the destination. As the years go by, airlines make it even more difficult to manage their transport.

Family vacation traveling with pets

First of all, they have increased the price of your ticket and in many cases it exceeds the price of any human traveler. Although everything must be said, there are alternatives such as the “Animal Airways” website, which facilitates travel plans with pets, since they are in charge of finding the most suitable plane ticket as well as managing the necessary documentation and passports for your trip. .


There are also other airlines such as JetBlueAirlines that has an exclusive class for animals, called JetPaws. In this case, not everyone can afford it as it is a private jet for traveling with pets.


If we talk about luxury, I will tell you that there is a luxurious five-star hotel chain DPet Hotels, which treats dogs as if they were movie stars. They offer suites with a modern design and all the unimaginable comforts. It even has a spa and beauty center with a hairdresser, massages and even paw-dicure, not to mention the haute cuisine they prepare: menus made with rice, vegetables, lamb, wild boar or chicken for $ 9 a serving.

DPet Hotels

Active dogs can get in shape on the gym treadmills while listening to background music. You can even hire the service of your own personal trainer.

Why would you never have assumed that your pet had a personal driver? Although it may seem like something from a movie, the truth is that the hotel takes care of collecting pets from their homes in higher-end cars such as a Ferrari or a Rolls Royce. In this case, the price for lodging the pet in the hotel is around $ 200.

There is more than one chain that offers similar services although a little less luxurious and more affordable, such as the Wag Hotels hotel chain, located in the US cities of San Francisco, Sacramento and Sunnyvale. On this occasion, the exquisite personal care is enjoyed by cats and dogs. These hotels have a boutique with exclusive luxury items – such as the harness with Swarovski crystals – and swimming in the pool with qualified caregivers.

Wag Hotels – Traveling with pets

Can you imagine a tank of exotic fish to entertain our pets day and night? They also have it and the rooms have video cameras installed so that the owners can see their animals at any time. The price per night is about $ 80.

Traveling with pets in Spain

In Spain traveling with pets we have a dog-friendly guide, so that you do not dispense with your pet in your life in the city. In this guide we can find, for example, the 10 cool restaurants that allow dogs. Also the 10 best dog parks where they can run freely. Or even the 8 best routes for hiking with your dog in and around the city. And when the heat hits, you will find the best pools for dogs.

Enjoy traveling with pets

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