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Tunisia, the jewel of the Maghreb in Africa

Today we enter Tunisia, specifically in its capital that has the same name. A city that has many cultural gems and the Medina protected by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Therefore, we will go through the essential places that you should not miss if you choose this city as your holiday destination.

Medina of Tunisia

The Medina of Tunis, is the old city or the old town. We can discover part of its historical heritage such as the souks or markets, palaces such as the Bey Palace or the Dar Hussein Palace, the Zitouna Mosque with its 200 Roman pillars, the Three Madrasahs or the Plaza de la Kasbah.

Medina of Tunis


Visiting the ruins of Carthage is absolutely essential. Roman city of great importance during the Empire and its ruins are currently a World Heritage Site. It is said of this powerful city that it overshadowed Rome for several centuries. We can discover the Antonio baths, but for art lovers the complex located on the Byrsa hill is a delight. In Carthage we can also visit the Cathedral of San Luis de Cartago and the National Museum of Carthage.


Sidi Bou Said, the blue town of Tunisia

The best known town in Tunisia and one of the most prominent tourist attractions. Its alleys will make you fall in love with its white walls and blue doors. If you go into its alleys you will see that many of them lead to the top of a hill where you can see the Gulf of Tunis. Do not forget to have a mint tea while observing the landscape.

Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia

Habib Bourguiba Avenue

Economic, political, cultural and historical center of the entire country. Along the avenue there are several government buildings, embassies, hotels and the Municipal Theater. Be sure to visit the Clock Tower.

Habib Bourguiba Avenue

Bardo Museum in the capital of Tunis

A museum with more than 100 years of history and the main one in Tunisia. being one of the largest in Africa. Its Roman mosaics drawn mainly from Carthage, Sousse and Dougga are especially interesting to see.

Bardo Museum

Tunisia has mystery and a great weight of history behind it, the capital being an example of this. However, visiting both the Tunisian capital and its surroundings will become a fascinating journey that you should not miss.

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