During 10 days of the month of February, the streets of Venice are filled with characters from the 17th century, costumes, colors and, above all, a festive atmosphere that is known throughout the world. The Venice’s carnival is the quintessential Italian party.

The Venice Carnival was created in 1296 so that the people for a few days felt the freedom in its streets, taking place the day before Lent. It has been held ever since, except during Napoleon’s occupation, which banned them to prevent conspiracies.

During the days of the carnival, everyone hides behind the masks, leaving only their eyes exposed, so the entire population was on equal footing. At that time the Carnival lasted up to six months and one of the best known and most famous masks was that of Doctor Plague.

Visiting the Venice’s Carnival

The Venice’s carnival is celebrated in February, so the cold, rain and sometimes even snow, transform the landscape of Venice, making a contrast between the dark winter and the colors of the carnival.

Although it is not mandatory to be disguised, it is convenient that you mix with the people wearing your mask, in order to enjoy the festival in full swing. As for the costumes with a baroque, luxurious and overloaded aesthetic, they place you squarely in the seventeenth century.

The masks can be adorned with eye-catching and / or feather motifs that further highlight their beauty and mysterious appearance.

Carnival program

The Carnival of Venice begins with an evening show at the Canale di Cannaregio, before the parade begins. This parade goes through different streets of Venice.

From the parades, such as the processions, the contest of the most beautiful masks for adults and children, their gastronomic delights from the adjacent stalls.

The walkway erected in Piazza San Marco is the ideal setting to feel immersed in this striking and majestic show.

Don’t stop feeling unique and special for a day hiding your face inside one of the fabulous masks that are part of this spectacular carnival.

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