Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates is a modern metropolis that does not lose the charm of the Arabian peninsula, where skyscrapers grow like trees and where the city stretches in thin tentacles over the sea forming artificial archipelagos in turquoise waters.

Dubai has a myriad of spectacular iconic places that are the largest in the world. We are going to make a brushstroke of what you can expect and what you cannot.

Burj Khalifa

It is the tallest building in the world, reaching 828 meters. You can’t stop going up to the viewpoint on the 148th floor, which is 555 meters high. At your feet the old city, the great port, Downtown, hotel residential areas, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, its gigantic port and the airport.

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Mall

Whether you are a shopping lover or not, you should not miss visiting the exclusive shopping center at the foot of the Burj Khalifa. Imagine more than a thousand luxury brand stores. It is impossible to go through each one of the shop windows visiting all its stores in a single day.

Dubai Mall

Burj al Arab Hotel

This hotel built on an artificial island located 270 meters from the beach has a height of 321 meters in the shape of a sail. It is one of the best accommodations on the planet and the only one cataloged with 7 stars, with suite prices per night starting at 1,500 euros.

Burj Al Arab

To visit its interior you have to be staying or have a reservation in one of its restaurants or bars. Booking the Skyview Bar, at a height of 200 meters requires a minimum consumption of 70 euros.

Jumeirah Palm Tree

It is a set of artificial islands most famous in Dubai and in the center of the world. Built in the shape of a palm tree, it is characterized by being full of hotels and luxury residences, for which large amounts of sand and rock were used in construction.

The best way to see them is from above by booking a helicopter ride or parachuting over the palm tree with Skydive Dubai.

Palm Jumeirah

Dubai Desert

Going on a safari through the largest sand desert in the world will give you adrenaline with the driving of the 4×4 and the descent of dunes on a sandboarding board. There are organized camel safaris with dinner and show included. Something really unique to live it.

Desierto Dubai

Dubai Marina

The largest port in the world is also in Dubai. It is a true city within a city that overlooks the warm waters of the Persian Gulf. There is a clean beach, equipped and endowed with all the comforts, a pedestrian promenade adorned with palm trees, shops, restaurants and surrounded by modern skyscrapers with the most daring shapes.

Dubai Marina

These brief brushstrokes of the greatest thing you can see in Dubai, I suppose they will have opened your eyes to what the human being is capable of doing.

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