In the north of France (Le Havre), right on the edge of the English Channel, is Étrerat, a small town of just 1,400 inhabitants. Its most famous phenomenon are the many huge cliffs that are called Costa de Albatre.

This place attracts millions of visitors every year, as its beauty is captivating. Being only two hours from Paris, there are many visitors who take the opportunity to see this spectacle of nature.

The cliffs of Étrerat

These vertiginous cliffs sculpted by the sea and the wind, have names such as Manneporte, Courtine, Aval, Amont, Vaudieu among others, created from flint by Mother Nature. Going through a hole you will reach the wonderful beach of Jambourg only when the tide is out.

It is interesting to enjoy them by taking a short and beautiful route called Chemin Des Douaniers. A trail that actually runs 1800 km of Normandy coastline, but of which the route is 3 km long.

During this tour we will see the door and the eagle of Aval, a huge opening that we imagine will disappear over the years, so you should not miss it.

The village

Be sure to visit the town of Étrerat, where Maurice Leblanc gave life to his famous character, Arsène Lupine (white-collar thief). In the town you can visit the old market, where in the past there was a farm and later a pond, today converted into the market square. You can also visit El clos de Arsène Lupine, where Grognard, the gentleman thief’s accomplice, will guide you through the beautiful adventure, made with lights and sounds.

The gardens that dominate the town, with unique views of the cliffs of Aval la famous Aguja, will surprise you. His vegetal sculptures inspire the Norman coastline.

And without a doubt, having a crêpe in one of the many establishments will add a sweet touch to your visit.

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