In the ejido San Cristóbal, municipality of Cardonal in the state of Hidalgo (Mexico), is the Grotto Tolantongo water park, which is in turn divided into two sections: “Paraíso Escondido” and “La Gruta”.

In this place, visitors can go hiking, rappelling and caving.

“Hidden paradise”

A natural jewel of Mexico are the 40 staggered pools located in the ravine, with thermal waters. The essence of these pools is their turquoise color, since their water comes from a spring, so its transparency is unique and the ideal temperature for a bath with its 38ºC.

The panorama of these pools is impressive. The waterfall-like water that falls when you enter to take a natural bath is a delight.

Following the stairs of the wonderful pools, you reach a steam tunnel inside some stones, covering your feet with water.

Crossing this tunnel there are columns between natural pools where you can rest admiring the surroundings.

Get your camera ready as you cross the suspension bridge, with views of the mountains, waterfalls, and pools.

In this section you can enjoy its zip lines, flying through the air at full speed, traveling up to 1,890 meters away, unleashing the adrenaline that is inside you.

“The Grotto” of Tolantongo

In the area called “The Grotto” you can enjoy the waterfalls that fall through the rocks of the mountain, which is quite a spectacle.

Here you will find the main grotto, the tunnels inside the grotto, the thermal water river, three pools, a wading pool, restaurants and up to three hotels.

Thermal River

In the Tolantongo Caves it is allowed to camp whether you bring your own equipment or if you prefer to rent it on the premises.

Undoubtedly, this unusual and extraordinary place with turquoise blue hot springs will provide you with moments of unparalleled peace.

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