Essential for traveling with a baby are those objects that should not be missing in the travel suitcase. We have prepared a list of these objects that must be just and necessary to travel easily and safely.

The task can lead to many headaches, especially in the case of first-timers who do not have previous experiences.

You start to skip the doubts of how changes in the weather, schedules, knowing if there will be all the products you use in nearby establishments, think about where to turn in the case of illness …

What is clear is that traveling by car is not the same as traveling on a train or plane for luggage reasons. Nor is it the same to go on a trip for a week or a month.

Therefore, planning and order in your luggage is of great importance.

Sleep and transportation

The normal thing is that if the baby uses the carrycot, he sleeps in it but if not, it will be necessary to ask at the accommodation where we are staying,

If they have cots. If this is not the case, then the travel cot is one of the must-haves.

For the baby to relax throughout the trip, do not forget his rag doll, teether, favorite blanket, pacifier.

The objects that the baby usually uses to calm down or fall asleep, you cannot forget.

It must be borne in mind that we cannot always carry the carrycot or cart to transport them, and a good alternative would be the baby carrier.

What I do recommend is not to mix the baby’s belongings with the rest of the family members. A baby may need them urgently and they are easier to have on hand.


A good alternative to bathe your baby can be to carry an inflatable pool, but above all what should not be missing and another essential is the folding changing table.

In a separate bag, it is also essential to carry items such:

as a bottle, a few diapers, wet wipes, baby cream, a complete change, blanket, cloth changer, sponge, sun protection, a hat and some prepared food and drink.

Other essential objets

The intercom is another essential if you are not resting in the same room as the parents. So is the portable highchair so that meal time does not turn into a nightmare.

Health and essential documentation

It is very important and essential too, to carry the family book and in the case of traveling abroad, the baby will have to be given a DNI or passport.

In some cases, you will have to apply to the embassy for a passport visa, if the country where you are going to travel requires it.

As for health, you should not forget your health card if you are going to travel within your own country.

You will always have to travel with a small first-aid kit with infant painkillers, antipyretics, a thermometer, plasters, small scissors and an antiseptic.

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