We are never sure what to take on a trip, what type of suitcase or whether or not it is allowed in case of going by plane. We are going to give you some tips to prepare your luggage that may help you.

Choose the ideal suitcase

The first thing we will have to think about is the type of suitcase we will carry. It will depend on the destination and the transport that we are going to use to reach our destination.

If you are not going to move much from one place to another, the most practical thing is a common suitcase but if you are going to move through mountains, beaches, steep areas, then the most convenient thing will be a backpack. It is important that the backpack is waterproof. The size will also depend on the weather. Remember that in hot climates, clothes take up less. And as for transport, if it is an airline, you have to take into account if they charge expenses to check in and in the case that the suitcase goes in the cabin, the measures allowed by that airline.

Make a good list

The most practical thing is to make a good list of what you are going to take with you. The best trick to packing like a pro is to do it ahead of time.

Create clothing sets using multiple items on the same days to optimize space. Avoid packing clothes “just in case” and make sure you are wearing what you really need and not excess clothing.

Spread the weight

One of the most important things to pack like a pro is to place items well inside the luggage. The heaviest thing will go underneath and a trick so that the garments do not wrinkle is that the garments are rolled in the form of had. In the case of carrying a backpack, the heaviest thing should go in the center of the backpack and avoid free gaps so that the clothes do not move.

Carry a couple of empty bags

The fact of carrying empty bags will be useful. Good to go putting dirty clothes or in case you have to move wet clothes.

Protect electronic devices

Ideally, electronic devices should go in their appropriate briefcases, whether they are portable, such as cameras, etc. But if you can’t carry them separately, then try to make sure your suitcase can be closed with a security padlock.

The right fluids

Remember that if you travel by plane, liquids, colognes or creams must be carried in individual containers with a capacity of less than 100 milliliters. In turn, they must all be placed in a transparent plastic bag with a capacity of less than one liter. Close them tightly to avoid spillage.

Do not forget that the documents must always go with you and for this it is advisable to use a fanny pack or document holder that allows you to hide your passport, ID and money.

We have given you tips to prepare your luggage like a professional and by way of examples, several highly rated articles on Amazon to help you.

All that remains is to wish you Have a good trip ….. and Enjoy!

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