Medieval castles spread from Spain to northern Europe and even far away Japan, to conquer the most spectacular fortresses in the world.

Some were built on rocky watchtowers or on promontories on the coast, in strategic locations to fulfill their function, which was to protect and defend the population that belonged to those castles.

Starting one of the possible routes

Our route to the most spectacular medieval castles begins in Scotland, a territory dotted with great fortresses. We continue through France following the course of the Loire, passing through Spain and ending in distant Japan, tracing the epic history of the samurai.

Medieval castles – Germany

Eltz Castle in Germany belonged to more than one family. As they ran out of space, they built new rooms and towers that had the name of the new family to house. It is housed in a spectacular rock, 70 meters above the Moselle River.

Eltz Castñe

Medieval castles – Ireland

Ashford Castle nestled in the lush forests of County Mayo is the oldest in Ireland and this castle has hosted star artists such as John Wayne, Brad Pitt or John Lennon turning into a luxurious five-star hotel. It is one of the most impressive medieval castles in the world.

Ashford Castle

Medieval castles – Austria

Hohenwerfen Castle, located in Salzburg, is the best preserved castle in Austria. It currently houses Austria’s first falconry museum, with flying displays of vultures, hawks, kites and other raptors.

Hohenwerfen Castle

Medieval castles 4 – Switzerland

On the shores of Lake Leman and with the Alps in the background, we find the Chillon castle that guarded the maritime traffic to Geneva and the route to the San Bernardino mountain pass. Of course the views are unbeatable. On this list of medieval castles, we couldn’t skip this castle with such spectacular views.

Chillon Castle

Medieval castle – United Kingdom

In the center of the Welsh capital is Cardiff Castle. Norman era erected over the Roman fortress. Decorated today recreating medieval times thanks to the architect and designer William Burges.

Cardiff Castle

Medieval castle – Japan

The main tower of the Himeji samurai castle stands defiantly on Mount Himeyama and is the great symbol of Japan. Beyond its walls the feudal city of Himeji, located in the south of Japan, extended.

Himeji Castle

Medieval castle – Spain

In the city of Segovia in Spain, known as a bastion in the 12th century is the Alcazar castle. In front of it is the Segovian historic center that is full of gastronomic attractions.

Alcázar Castle

Medieval castle – Great Britain

We find Warwick Castle since the 11th century looking at the waters of the Avon River, being today a theme park to travel to the Middle Ages.

Warwick Castle

Medieval castle – Romania

It is not the true castle of Dracula or rather Vlad Tepes since that is the one of Poenari, but of that castle there are only ruins. Tourism nevertheless found another castle that could perfectly house dark legends of Transylvania.

Bran Castle

Medieval castles – France

On the banks of the Loire River is the majestic castle of Saumur. This castle dates from the 10th century, it was destroyed and rebuilt by Henry II of England in the Gothic style in 1067.

Saumur Castle

The best castles in the world, or at least the most beautiful ones, are in incredible places. On top of mountains, next to lakes, on islands, surrounded by vegetation, reflecting in the water … and all of them have the ability to make those who visit them dream.

The list is very extensive and in this post with a brief brushstroke we have dropped only 10 of them. Would you like to expand the list and tell us about your experiences?

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