Girdwood is a mining town dedicated years ago to wood but now lives thanks to ski and snowboard tourism. It is also the only vacation town in Alaska.

Today Girdwood has 1,800 residents that attracts skiers in the winter, hikers in the summer, and entertainers year-round.

The town of Girdwood

In this charming town, you can ride the Alyeska Resort tram to reach the top of Mount Ayeska. A scenic drive at 2300 feet above sea level where there is also a restaurant and museum, anchored within sight of the seven glaciers nested in the surrounding peaks.

In this spectacular place you can do numerous and diverse activities such as a Tour with Glacier Landing to see the Spencer Glacier from the air, among others.

Although visiting the glaciers whether it is by air or by land is quite a spectacle. The walk to the Byron glacier viewpoint is a must that will leave you speechless.

Alyeska Ski Area

This ski resort is the most famous and largest resort in Alaska. In it you can climb to its peaks thanks to its huge Aerial Tram cable car and see the highest mountain in the area, Denali with 6,194 meters above sea level.

It is a first class complex surrounded by spectacular places with abundant wild nature. This ski resort offers more hours a day to ski and this, added to the favorable weather in April, makes it a unique destination for practicing this activity.

It has 652,000 hectares of land with 62 km of slopes and a maximum height of 1,201 meters. It is very famous for offering extreme skiing with the most aggressive slopes in the famous area called “North Face” and also for having a neat snowpark.

More activities in Girdwood

In the Alyeska area, in addition to being able to carry out activities such as heliskiing in the Chugach Mountain Range, you can take boat tours on the glacier. Snowshoeing and trekking are highly desirable activities. In summer you can also enjoy activities through the BTT and Bike Park, along high-speed trails, jumping, technical trails or cruising.

To top off the adrenaline, we propose a jet ski tour through the glaciers.

Aurora borealis

This ski resort will also let you enjoy one of the most fascinating spectacles of nature, such as the Northern Lights. They paint the sky with a glow of solar particles that tint the Alaskan sky with magic.

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