Spain has a great diversity of landscapes, predominantly beach landscapes, we also have mountain landscapes to the delight of those who want to practice skiing. This activity can be practiced in different parts of the Spanish geography such as the Pyrenees, the Leonese Cantabrian mountain range, the Central System and the Betic mountain ranges. Dare to immerse yourself in these valleys to ski with total freedom.

We are going to review some of the ski resorts that you can locate in Spain.

Baqueira Beret, Lleida

In the Arán Valley, an area of ​​the Catalan Pyrenees, is the main and most exclusive Spanish ski resort. Named Baqueira, just like the largest mountain that stands in the valley and that it shares with its closest town, just 1.5 kilometers away.

It has 160 km. of marked slopes and at the station you can rent ski equipment, as well as book classes or courses.

Baqueira Beret

Boí Taüll, Lleida

Located in the Boí valley, in the Catalan region of Alta Ribagorza, we find the ski resort with the highest elevations in the Pyrenees (2,751 m. maximum elevation).

This station has 10 green slopes, 7 blue, 26 red and 9 black with slopes of up to 750 meters. As in other stations, it has material rental and reservation of group or individual classes. This season in particular is not so crowded, so free skiing is a great option.

Boí Taüll

Formigal, Huesca

In the province of Huesca (Aragón), we find the granite mountains with pronounced ridges where this ski resort is located.

To access the slopes, there is a free service called ski-bus that leaves Formigal and arrives at the slope accesses. In particular, the atmosphere is more youthful and perfect for experienced skiers due to the red and black slopes it has.


Cerler, Huesca

Specifically, the Cerler ski resort has the largest descent in the entire country, being 9 km long, surrounded by forest. With its 68 slopes, its snowpark and snowmobile circuit, it becomes a most attractive place for skiers.


Sierra Nevada, Granada

In the Penibético system and just 30 km from Granada, is the most popular ski resort for families along with Formigal. Its 100 km of ski slopes so close to the beautiful city of Granada, makes it a favorite destination for skiing in Spain.

Sierra Nevada

In addition to these 5 ski resorts, there are also the Leitariegos in León, Valdezcaray in La Rioja, Astún in Huesca or Valdesquí in Madrid.

We hope you will take note of the beautiful places to ski that you will find in Spain and give yourself the pleasure of enjoying them.

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