Colmar is everything a fairy tale and elf lover could wish for. This city located in the French region of Alsace, in the northwest of the country, after visiting it will surely be one of the idyllic cities that you will not want to miss.

Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” movie is said to be inspired by this city between Basel and Strasbourg. Its size is the perfect size between city and town that allows us in this way to travel it forgetting about the agitation of a city.

As a curiosity to comment that Colmar has belonged twice to Germany and three times to France, therefore it has touches of both cultures. Its historic center is classified as a protected area, being continuously restored to reach what it is today. It is a composition of old houses, many from the 14th century, in the Germanic Gothic style, reflecting the splendor of the Middle Ages.

In this city we can visit the Huselin zum Swan house, an old customs house from 1480, the Pfister house from 1537 or the House of the Heads from 1609 with 111 heads and masks adorning its facade.

Of course, private houses have their peculiar charm since on their facades we will find ornaments such as clocks, roosters, hearts or lamps without neglecting the number of geraniums that adorn the terraces.

The “Petit Venise”

And also, to top it off we will see the canals, since this city is outlined by streams of water. In fact, Colmar is known as la petite Venise for its unique beauty. Boat trips are the most popular, being very flat boats since some canals have little depth. Be sure to take the tour that lasts approximately thirty minutes through the city through the canals.

This city is also characterized by wines and in the Emile Beyer winery located in the center of town you can taste some of the different 30 wines in the most pure medieval style.

Christmas in Colmar

Any season of the year is perfect to visit Colmar, but if you decide to do it at Christmas it will become an idyllic and wonderful city that you will fall in love with.

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