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Montreux, Switzerland – Meeting Santa Claus

If you are looking for an unknown place that is not the typical place but that magic is present, your destination must be Montreux. The city of Montreux at Christmas offers a unique spectacle. The whole city turns to share the joy of Christmas in an almost idyllic setting.

Personalities such as Lord Byron, Tolstoy Dostoevsky, Tchaikovsky or Stravinsky have passed through Montreux, but it has also been the chosen place to live for other famous people such as Freddie Mercury, who wish to spend his last days enjoying the shores of Lake Geneva.

Montreux Christmas Market

This Christmas market, considered one of the best and oldest in Switzerland, is located on the city docks, on the shores of Lake Geneva and along 1 km. Its 170 stalls of crafts, chocolates, fondues, as well as gifts captivate its visitors.

The city with its decorations and its magic illuminates the hearts of young and old.

Chillon castle, spectacular

During the Advent dates, the Christmas market that is set up in the Chillón castle, set as a medieval market, is a precious experience to live at Christmas.

As if time had stopped, the castle rises from the still lake like a postcard. This castle is preserved in perfect condition despite its 800 years of history.

In the castle of Chillon, seeing its interior celebrating the most curious Christmas market you can imagine, you are totally teleported back to the Middle Ages.

Grotto of Santa Claus of Montreux

Another of the treasures that Montreux houses is to go up with the rack railway to visit the grotto where Santa Claus lives. The views are spectacular, turning out to be a dream trip for the little ones and the old.

Elven Village

Under the Big Ferris Wheel, a place of great magic for the little ones is located, such as the Elves Village, where workshops are organized for children such as decorating with chocolate, making candles or even watching Santa Claus fly in his sleigh. .

Without a doubt, Montreux will be a unique and magical family destination to fully enjoy Christmas in an extraordinary natural environment.

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