Surely, and if you are a lover of Christmas markets, the markets of Prague or Vienna will quickly come to mind for being the best known. However, the set that surrounds the Christmas magic has an added value in Berlin.

Berlin itself is not a city that stands out for its attractiveness as a city. If we take into account its tough recent history, it is logical that it does not have historic buildings like Vienna, or perfectly decorated streets like Budapest has.

Berlin wins a lot at Christmas. The streets are filled with people, with Santa hats, Christmas lights and markets almost on every corner. There are so many Christmas markets in Berlin that you may not have time to visit them all. Of course, get ready for the cold, bundle up well and hit the streets.

Alexander Platz Christmas Market

It is located in one of the most visited squares in Berlin and at Christmas the eyes of the little ones and not so little ones will light up with the most beautiful carousel you can imagine.

Roten Rathaus Christmas Market

In front of the Red town hall we will find the Christmas market that to my taste is the best. It is small, cute, wooden houses and an ice rink and a Ferris wheel that give it the expected Christmas air.

Gendarmenmarkt Christmas Market

What if it rains? Well, calm down, no problem because in this market we will not get wet because we are covered. In this market they charge to enter although the price is quite symbolic since they only charge 1 euro per entry. Here the live performances stand out.

Charlottenburg Christmas Market

This flea market is located right in front of the Charlottenburg Palace. Here the added are the projections of lights that are projected on the Palace and the result is that it seems magical.

Spandau Christmas Market

A market that looks like something out of a story. He is the father of all flea markets. If you are thinking about the special object you want to buy, you will almost certainly find it in this market. It has about 250 positions that also become 400 during the weekend.

As you will see, the offer in terms of magic, markets, lights, shopping, stalls … is served. Here you have been able to see a small tour, but as I said at the beginning of the post, in Berlin almost on every corner you will have a market to savor Christmas.

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