Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is known by the nickname of spa city since it has 118 springs, from which more than 70 million liters of thermal water flow every day at temperatures between 20 and 80ºC.

Hungary is a country very rich in hot springs. It is estimated that there are more than 1000 natural springs in the country. Aqua therapy is common in the country’s medical practice and in fact Hungarian doctors regularly prescribe thermal water treatments.

Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and flip-flops so you don’t miss out on visiting at least one of the most famous spas in Budapest.

We are going to name some of the most important spas that we recommend you visit.

Széchenyi in Budapest

This spa is the largest in Europe. It has 15 pools, although the best are the three outdoor pools. It also has night hours, which can be the perfect place to end the visit of the beautiful city of Budapest.



This spa has one of the most famous swimming pools and has been advertised in various advertisements. This pool is indoor and is surrounded by columns.


Rudas Thermal Baths

In this spa, its octagonal central pool stands out under a 10 meter diameter dome.

Rudas Thermal Bath

As a curiosity, in certain spas they organize night parties on some weekends. The name of these parties is Cinetrip or Magic Bath. These parties transform the spa with spectacular lighting, music, screens and people dancing in the water.

You already have one more reason to visit the beautiful city of Budapest. If you are a lover of spas, without a doubt this is your city.

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