Saint Patrick’s Day is the best known holiday in Ireland and that is why we have compiled up to 11 curious facts about this very particular holiday.

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In March it is the month of St. Patrick and it is a holiday that does not go unnoticed in Ireland, but neither in Australia, Canada and other countries that paint green to make leprechaun jumps, that particular leprechaun.

The origin of Saint Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick is the patron saint of the Emerald Isle and patron of the entire island of Ireland located in the northwest of continental Europe. Saint Patrick’s Day is a holiday of Christian origin that is celebrated annually on March 17 to commemorate his death in 461 AD. C.

The kidnapping of young Maewyn Succat by Irish slavers marked the beginning of the legend of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

According to legend, he was sold as a slave in Ireland as a teenager, became a religious, escaped to England, ordained himself as a priest by the name of Patrick, and began converting all of Ireland’s Celtic pagans to Christianity.

This attitude was a serious setback for the Druids (priests of the pagan gods), so they launched a plan. They summoned a troop of goblins “the leprechauns” and sent them to the church of San Patricio, with the sole intention of making the monk’s life miserable.

At that moment the saint confronted them for knowing that it was the work of the Druids, and he did so with these words “In the name of Almighty God I expel you, impure spirits.” And those words caused him to banish the goblins from the Church.

Saint Patrick’s Day curiosities

Currently the feast of St. Patrick’s Day y is a feast painted in green, beer and typical Irish food but that was not always the case.


Before 1970, a law that prohibited the consumption of alcohol during Ireland’s most famous holiday was repealed … so the celebration was exclusively religious.

Green color

Originally the blue color represented Ireland. The shamrock was used by the Irish independence movement, which later, due to its popularity, was taken to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day as its emblem.

The largest St. Patrick’s Day parade

If this holiday is celebrated around the world, it is due to the massive Irish migration, especially to the United States.

And why did they spread all over the world? It was between the years 1846 and 1852 due to the great famine that made it impossible to live in Ireland.

Curiously, the largest parade in the world is celebrated by the United States. Fifth Avenue is filled with more than 2 million people in a massive parade of joy, beer and leprechauns.

A river painted green and beer painted green

In Chicago, did you know that they dye a river green? It is a natural coloring pigment that does not pollute. Not only do they paint the river green, the beer also has green coloring.

Drown the shamrock

This popular slang means: drink alcohol until you get drunk, being most popular on Saint Patrick’s Day.

It is common to place a clover leaf on your lapel while you enjoy the parade. To end the day, the idea is to toast with beer or whiskey by doing this ritual:

  • Remove the clover leaf from your lapel and place it in your glass
  • Make the toast: Sláinte!
  • Remove the leaf from the glass and throw it behind your left shoulder
  • And now yes, drink!

5 Saint Patrick’s Day in Dublin

The St. Patrick’s Day festival in Dublin lasts 5 days, with the central date being March 17. If you want to celebrate Saint Patrick’s Day in its place of origin, nothing like doing it in Dublin, Cork or Galway.

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