The Soneva Jani Hotel is a luxurious 6-star Resort located on the island of Medhufaru in the Noonu Atoll. To get there it will be from Malé International Airport and then transfer by seaplane for 40 minutes. A luxury to enjoy at least once in your life.

Hotel Soneva Jani

Relatively young, the Hotel Soneva Jani was inaugurated in 2016. It is a tropical Eden in the Indian Ocean, of turquoise seas, coral reefs, seas of stars that shine at night.

It has 7 villas of different types within the 46 villas that they offer. They are equipped with all the luxuries and comforts. To give you an idea, the smallest villa that can accommodate two adults, occupies an area of ​​416 m2.

All of them are built with wood, bamboo and straw, surrounded by warm water with two-story slides that make you immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters.

The roofs are retractable so you can see the stars from the bed. Some have an open-air bathroom with water fountains and even a tree house for the little ones.

As if that were not enough, they offer the possibility of staying on a yacht with a glass bottom bathtub for six people called Soneva En Aqua.

So far this year the Hotel Soneva Jani has already garnered seven international awards that support this exclusive splendor.

There are different activities that can be carried out and of all kinds, such as a floating cinema to enjoy a movie under the light of the stars, or a safari with dolphins at sunset.

Imagine a spa on the edge of the beach with exclusive massages ….. have you imagined it? …. here in Soneva Jani you will have it too.

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