Between Florence and Siena, there are many towns in Tuscany where it is very easy to dream, where romance flows through the pores of every visitor who enjoys this place. In these places, many artists have taken refuge to achieve their inner peace, their inspiration and their reflection.

Tuscany offers picturesque little towns and an immense cultural heritage, with extraordinary landscapes, magnificent islands and protected parks. In addition, its cuisine and its wines, considered among the best in the world, are added delicacies so that the enjoyment is done with all the senses.

Let’s see some of the most beautiful towns in this region:


On the hill of the same name a large building can be seen. Cobbled streets and a place where some of the best wines in Italy are produced, such as Brunello. Montalcino is located between Siena and Groseto. The hill where it sits is likely to have been populated by the Etruscans, and in fact its first mention dates from the year 814.


Pienza, the ideal town in Tuscany

At the top of a hill, in the heart of the Tuscan countryside, is Pienza. In this town all the streets lead to the main square where we find the Duomo. Pienza received the name in honor of Pope Pius II. Pienza received the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996.


San Gimignano

This town is the medieval pearl of Tuscany and Italy. At the time it was one of the richest medieval communes in all of Tuscany, thanks to the saffron trade.

In the Middle Ages the wall that still stands was protected, and it was when great artists arrived to decorate its churches and palaces and when merchants built the great towers that have made it famous.

San Gimignano


It is one of the oldest Etruscan settlements in Tuscany, since it was founded in the 5th century BC. The views of the entire Val di Chiana from the top of the town are spectacular. Its old town is protected and preserved thanks to its walls.


Volterra, sanctuary of Tuscany

A few kilometers from San Gimignano is Volterra, considered a sanctuary of architecture and art from the different Etruscan, Roman, medieval and Renaissance periods. Surrounded by its walls and on the top of a hill it separates the valleys of Cecina and Era.



A very small but beautiful town, where we will be transported directly to the Middle Ages. Circular, huge and with 14 watchtowers, its wall encloses an urban structure that has hardly changed since the 13th century, serving as a set for films such as Gladiator or Life is beautiful.


Without a doubt, a route through Tuscany, stopping in these beautiful medieval towns, will offer us magnificent wines sitting on one of its terraces observing the spectacular landscape of the area.

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