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Madrid Tapas Route – Quick Guide

From cover to cover and I shoot because it’s my turn. We are going to open our mouths and between sparkling fresh cane, a pinchito, a tapa and talks with your friends or with your family or with your partner or why not? you alone, you alone.

Madrid tradition that is part of its culture. Bars full, waiter running from one side to the other Give me another one! and marching a beer, accompanied by its capita. And now let’s go to another bar, I know they put some finger licking caps. A walk and we find another bar … and start over.

11 essential places for tapas

Some bars have made room for providing the customer with a special tapa, better presented or more delicious than their competition. Let us therefore see what tapas have risen to have a place in the most exquisite palates.

Patatas bravas

Docamar’s patatas bravas are said to be the tastiest in Madrid. Will it be your sauce? Will it be your cut of the potato or maybe it will be the way to fry them?


Maybe you want some flavored croquettes that just listening to them makes your mouth water. Black pudding with quince, mushrooms with leeks, minced meat, Camembert cheese with raspberry jam. If so, stop by Casa Julio.


What would Spain be without tortilla! Many ways to prepare it and to taste the colors. Whether you like it undercooked or you like curd, all the bars in Madrid have their special way of preparing the omelette and now you decide which one you prefer. We can go to one of the most typical bars in Madrid such as Bodega La Ardosa.

Fried eggs

Although you may want some fried eggs and they say that we have the best ones at Casa Lucio, a fame acquired since 1974, are you going to miss them?


My friend Juan says, who loves prawns and to take him to a place where they are the star dish. Said and done, I take him to El Abuelo and I’m sure he’ll win.


If we have opted for seafood, we cannot miss the best slices of cod in the capital with 50 years behind it. Of course, we are talking about Casa Revuelta.


And what would Madrid be without its famous tripe? Served with chorizo ​​in the traditional way, with blood sausage, ham bone and vegetables they are served to us at Casa Alberto.

If you go with a group of friends and want to surprise them, you cannot miss the Mercado de San Miguel. It is a gastronomic stop in the heart of Madrid.

There are those who opt for 100% organic without neglecting quality. Then your place is the Huerto de Lucas.

You do not want a special tapa, but different and varied tapas. Then you have to go to the Mercado de San Ildefonso or the Mercado de San Antón.

Tell me if after this post, you haven’t felt like having an aperitif. Me!

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