In the heart of the Apulia Region, we find one of the most curious and picturesque towns in Italy: Alberobello. This beauty with magical brushstrokes is given by its “Trullos”, which are white cylindrical buildings with conical stone roofs. Strolling through this beautiful city, it seems that at any moment from one of its “Trullos” a pixie will come out to say hello.

Alberobello Trulli

This type of typical and traditional architecture is located in the fields and some towns of the region. Most of the trulli in Puglia are used as deposits in the middle of the olive groves. The history of Alberobello is connected to these houses. During feudal times, Count Acquaviva forced his peasants to clean and cultivate their lands, but to avoid taxes Alberobello should not appear as an inhabited center. For this reason people began to build and live in Trullos since in case of need they were dismantled at full speed.

Currently they are built without using mortar and thanks to the thickness of their walls, the internal structure is very pleasant both in winter and in summer. The conical ceilings bear a decorative spire at the tip and are generally decorated with symbolic paintings. Its interior consists of a small main hall in the center and small alcoves curved around it.

In the “Rione Monti” area of ​​Alberobello, there are narrow alleys with high slopes from where we can see the amount of Trulli stuck next to each other.

Alberobello trulli

You can not miss “Trullo Sovrano”, built more than 200 years ago, which is the only Trullo with two floors, and is considered the best construction of Trullo. Declared a National Monument in 1923 and today it is a museum where you can learn about and admire the construction technique of a trullo.

Sovrano Trullo

Walking through its narrow streets between shops with products from the region, it becomes an almost magical walk that you cannot miss.

To stay you can find some accommodation options in trulli with a touch of luxury, such as La Chiusa di Chietri Grand Hotel

La Chiusa di Chietri Grand Hotel

or the accommodation at Le Alcove-Luxury Hotel nei Trulli, located near the main square of Alberobello.

Le Alcove-Luxury Hotel

In any case, whether you stay or just decide to spend the full day in Alberobello, take the opportunity to relax among its trulli enjoying such a unique landscape.

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