Thanks to technology, our way of traveling is much simpler. We have social networks that bring us closer to people from other countries, we also have websites that publish reviews about flights, accommodations, restaurants and attractions. Everyone is at hand, on the mobile, without even having to be connected to a pc.

That inseparable friend of us, our smartphone, which accompanies us at all times. If we travel, he is always ready for those videos or photos, or to share our statuses. We can no longer do without it, so why don’t we get even more performance out of it?

We have the possibility of downloading many apps that will make our trip easier, more comfortable, more interesting and will not lose detail of what is essential to visit.

Let us begin!


We have reached our destination and we don’t know how to get around the city. What combination of public transport should I use to get to the chosen site? This application is in charge of managing your journeys in the medium of your choice. It currently has more than 30 cities available but is continually expanding.

XE Currency

Forget about the headaches of currency exchanges. With XE Currency you will have control of the currency market.


Se trata de un buscador y analizador de vuelos, mandándote una alerta en caso de bajada de precios considerable en el vuelo que estés interesado..


Suddenly a trip arises and you need urgent accommodation. You do not have problem! this application looks for a cheap hotel. Book it from the app itself.


Now you have time and the budget does not worry you, in which case with Stayful you will find hotels with superior categories. The interesting thing about this app is that you tell it your budget and the app analyzes, offering you the best alternative. If you accept their proposal, the app itself negotiates with the hotel to accept your budget.


With this app you will create your travel itinerary and you will be able to include everything, from the flight, the restaurants or the places of interest. If you send your flight or hotel confirmation emails to the app itself, it will automatically include them.

Packing Pro

With this app you will create the list of objects that you want to add to your suitcase or backpack. You will be able to add objects that come to mind so that you don’t forget anything when you start putting everything in your travel suitcase.

If you are in a country where you have not contracted roaming and the WiFi is non-existent, you already have your app to which you have easily entered the maps of your destination, in order to use it without connectivity problems.


If you want to know the most delicious or typical dishes of the area where you are. In this way, when you enter the chosen restaurant, you will know if the beef is exquisite or, on the contrary, it is not worth trying.

I have wanted to travel …. and you? …. Let’s get going !!!

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