Scala dei Turchi is one of the most special places in Sicily. That coast was one of the most common points where the Saracens landed but that is not what this place is known for, but rather for its pure white limestone rock that has eroded over time and has given this place this so characteristic.

About 20 kilometers from Agrigento and in the vicinity of Realmonte, this unique place is located. It is an environment protected by UNESCO and it has been forbidden to go up for a long time, but we can see it from various viewpoints and even from the beaches.


The most common entrance is the beach located to the right of the stairs, but there are also other access points.

  • Lido Scala dei Turchi, is located on the road and has free direct access. It has a ramp and some stair steps but surrounded by a wooden railing where you can easily see it.
  • Lounge Beach Scala dei Turchi, from this place you have access to the beach in 5 minutes. The place has few parking spaces so it is difficult for you to access.
  • Parking Scala dei Turchi. This concerted car park of the Realmonte City Council also has few parking spaces, although some more than Lounge Beach. It’s further away, like 1 kilometer.

Scala dei Turchi Beach

The beach is white sand and has transparent waters. It has an area where there are sun loungers and beach bars and it is where most tourists settle. If you enter from the right side of the Lido Rosello, you will find less tourism. It is important to comment that although there is no fence separating the climbing ladder, as we commented, the ascent is prohibited under prison sentences.

It is a beautiful beach that is worth visiting.

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