Namibia is a different destination than those you will find in southern Africa. If you are in love with this continent, Namibia will fascinate you.

There are essential places to visit and that will make this destination a unique place for its fauna, its landscapes and ultimately for its enormous appeal.

Etosha national park

The most visited national park in Namibia. Its 22,000 m2 are home to 114 species of mammals, including the largest population of black rhinoceros and cheetahs in Africa and the world.

You can visit this park with the guides and cars from where you are staying, which can even be inside the park. Try to be between May and October to avoid the rains.

This national park is famous for the great opportunities it offers to see fauna, since it will be enough to approach one of the ponds in the park and observe for a while to see the animals approach. An Etosha safari is highly recommended.

Cape Cross – in Namibia

Here you will find the largest colony of sea lions in the world. Located north of Swakopmund.

When the breeding arrives in December, this colony can gather more than 100,000 animals. Quite a show.

Walvis Bay / Swakopmund

Formerly, it was the main port of the German colony. Today, it is a tourist city where you can do many activities, such as quad biking or plane flights over the Namibian coast.

In this place, on the coast, if you decide to take a cruise through the bay, you will see birds as striking as flamingos or pelicans in their pure state.

Namib Desert – essential Namibia

The oldest desert in the world, it has reddish dunes up to 300 meters high.

Flying in a balloon over this area of ​​the desert will offer you unforgettable views and allow you to take unique photographs.


Located within the Namib-Naukluft Park, we find one of the most photographed places in Namibia. It is believed that they are dried up lagoons with more than 900 years old. Its mummified trees impress.

Sandwich Harbour

Another part of the Namib-Naukluft Park, it is a little visited but spectacular place. Giant sand dunes run straight into the ocean, creating unique landscapes. You can find 4×4 excursions to explore it.

Fish River Canyon

After the Colorado Canyon, you can enjoy the views of the second largest canyon in the world. With an extension of 160 km of lake, 27 wide and up to 550 meters in some places, it has been eroded by water, wind and terrestrial movements, in the last 650 million years.

Epupa Falls – Waterfalls in Namibia

The farthest point where the trips from Namibia arrive, and the border with Angola, we find the Cunene River Falls, with a width of half a kilometer and waterfalls in sections of 1.5 km, with waterfalls greater than 20 meters.

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