Mykonos is one of the most visited islands in Greece. The mythological story of Mykonos tells that after Zeus defeated the Giants, he threw them into the Aegean Sea. Their bodies became petrified and created the island of Mykonos. Although there are not many archaeological remains in Mykonos, it is advisable to visit its nearby Delos Island, since it is a sacred island in ancient times.


Chora, capital of Mykonos

A beautiful city, with its peculiar houses in soft color and blue windows that bear the sign of the Cyclades islands. There is another symbol of Mykonos which are the windmills that can be seen from the bars and restaurants of Little Venice.

Mykonos Windmills

The labyrinthine narrow cobbled streets surround small churches, shops, bars, restaurants and art galleries. The Kastro neighborhood with remains of an old castle and the Alefkandra neighborhood are other places that you should not miss.

Little Venice Chora

Little Venice, a small neighborhood in Chora is the most fascinating place you can visit. Built by the Venetians, it gives it a Venetian feel. It is one of the most symbolic places in Chora, having a Mediterranean architecture but with the variant that the first row of houses is suspended in the water. An excellent place to get lost in the different restaurants, bars and pubs with a romantic touch in the city.

Little Venice

Matoyianni Street in Chora

The Matoyianni road is the center of shopping and nightlife in Mykonos, starting near the old port and reaching Little Venice. To visit it, you will have it easy if you walk and enter the alleys that branch off from the main artery.


In Mykonos we have beaches for all tastes. Many are nudists, in others you can practice snorkeling and diving, others that are more windy are ideal for lovers of windsurfing, finding them in the north, and there are some for those who want relaxation and tranquility with crystal clear waters.

In addition, on many of the beaches you will find beach kiosks to relax with a cold drink.

Without a doubt, you will fall in love with this island, where hotels and restaurants will accompany you to delight you with an unparalleled landscape.

The Cavotagoo Mykonos hotel is one of the hotels where you can even enjoy taking a bath in your room inside a cave. Imagine it!

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