The treasure of the Pacific, in Polynesia is Easter Island. This Chilean island has always been shrouded in a magical mystery due to its popular moais. These are huge stone heads that belong to the ancestral culture of the Rapanui, who were the original inhabitants of the island.

Easter Island

Easter Island, discovered on Easter Sunday in 1722, is a volcanic island in Polynesia and is the largest island in Chile, with Hanga Roa as its capital (the only inhabited town on Easter Island). Its original name is Rapa Nui, whose meaning is “big island”.

On Easter Island, which is home to nearly 900 monumental statues called moais, you cannot miss the treasures it houses.

Ranu Raraku on Easter Island

This very special quarry, at the foot of the Rano Raraku volcano, is an extraordinary place and one of the most incredible on the planet. His story is also the most mysterious and peculiar. Supposedly all the statues came from the quarry, to later be transported to the various points where they would be placed. According to the story, they were transported with their eyes closed and once they were placed at their destination, their eyes could be opened. Supposedly the statues came to life and shelter the spirits of the ancestors.

The most surprising thing is that even today we do not know how they were transported. The scientific community has different theories, such as that they were surely transported horizontally on rollers made of tree trunks, but there is also the theory that their transport was carried out vertically step by step.

Cantera Ranu Raraku

Te Pito O Te Henua, a special stone from Easter Island

Te Pito O Te Henua is a stone that is close to the Te Pito Kura moai, which is the tallest moai in existence. According to legend, this stone was brought by Hotu Matu’a to Easter Island. What is certain is that this stone has magnetic properties that you can check yourself with a compass. This fact makes it a magical place on the island.

Te Pito or Te Henua

Ahu Tongariki

The largest ahu on Easter Island is Ahu Tongariki. Its moais were toppled during civil wars and the ahu was swept inland by a tsunami. Since then, it has been restored and has more than 15 moai, including the heaviest on the island that weighs eighty-six tons.

Ahu Tongariki


Tahai combines the magic of archaeological ruins with a view of the Pacific. It is the most extraordinary place on Easter Island, and one of the oldest settlements since the first remains date back to 700 AD.

It is a ceremonial complex, which includes Ahu Tahai, Ahu Vai Uri and Ahu Ko Te Riku. In this place there are houses, corrals, a stone ramp to launch boats, burial chambers for community leaders. It is estimated that around 200 islanders lived here.

This brief tour where we have left more treasures and surprises for you to discover, we hope it has inspired you to occupy a privileged place that you should visit. Without a doubt, you will be fascinated!

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