The good weather has arrived and cooling off in the middle of nature has an added value. Luckily there is a large repertoire of natural pools in Spain where you can take a cool bath, within an enclave surrounded by a beautiful landscape.

We are going to take a tour of the most emblematic and spectacular natural pools.

Hells Throat (Cáceres-Extremadura)

In Cáceres we find a unique landscape of cherry blossoms located in the Jerte Valley, but also in the Garganta de los Infierno Natural Reserve, we find thirteen natural pools, waterfalls and waterfalls that will be the delight of tourists. After doing any of the many hiking trails, ending with a dip in one of the natural pools it houses, it is an ideal plan for hot summer days.

Hells Throat

Natural pools in Rascafría (Madrid)

These pools created by the nature of Rascafría are located in the Presillas area. It is about three swimming pools surrounded by green areas, with icy waters like the name of the town to which they belong. On this occasion its bottom is stony, so it is advisable to wear suitable shoes to immerse yourself in them.

Las Presillas

Ourense hot springs (Orense, Galicia)

On the banks of the river Miño, in a typical enclave of Galicia due to its greenery and spectacular landscapes, we can delight ourselves in the Pozas de A Chavasqueira, Muiño das Veigas, Burgas de Canedo or Outariz of some pools with temperatures above 60º. This peculiarity is also very beneficial for people with rheumatism or arthritis problems.

Ourense hot springs

Gulpiyuri (Asturias)

Gulpiyuri is one of the most spectacular pools in northern Spain, where the possibility of bathing will depend on the tides, since the salty water manages to penetrate from the sea through underground caves. Without a doubt, more surprising pools with an appeal that makes them very special.


Natural pools in Las Chorreras (Cuenca)

If what you want is not only the tranquility of natural pools but also waterfalls, gorges or rapids, you should not miss visiting Las Chorreras. The closest town to visit this place is Enguídanos. Its access is exclusively on foot and it will take about four hours to arrive, but we assure that it is worth it if your desire is to fully enjoy what nature offers us.


Natural pool of El Caletón (Tenerife-Canary Islands)

The Canary Islands have one of the best natural pools in Spain. On this occasion, the solidified lava from the Trevejo volcano, which erupted in 1706, has created together with the crystalline waters these beautiful natural pools that you should not miss.

El Caletón

We hope you enjoy this summer, visiting some of the natural pools that we have shown you as brush strokes in this post. Dare to enjoy!

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