On the southern coast of Turkey is Antalya, also known as “Paradise on Earth” or “Pearl of the Mediterranean”, a beautiful two-thousand-year-old city that you should not miss.

A city whose mix between the modern and the old will surprise you. Its beautiful coasts and extensive gastronomy make it a place worth visiting.

Apart from the city being beautiful, it is also a perfect place for excursions from this location. It should be mentioned that its more than 600 kilometers of coastline with crystal clear turquoise waters and mountains where you can go on excursions, make it an ideal destination for all travelers. The turquoise Antalya riverside is a place that you should not miss either, as well as the Düden waterfalls or the Kursunlu Natural Park, which are other excursions that you should write down.

Let’s see what we can see in Antalya..

Umbrella street

This Antalya street will be one of the first you will visit, and where you will begin to become aware of the color of its houses. Particularly this street stands out for it… It is the Atatürk Caddesi.

Ataturk Caddesi

Antalya Clock Tower

One of the symbols of the city is undoubtedly its Clock Tower. It is the last survivor of the 80 towers that once surrounded the city. The contrast between the historic building and the hotel complexes will surprise you. This tower marks the entrance to the old town. Its clock and its flag on top invite you to look up to observe it.

Yivli Complex

Close to the Clock Tower there is a group of historical buildings, from the Yivli Mosque, known for its high minaret, or the museum dedicated to the dervishes, or an old madrasa from the 13th century.

Port of Antalya

To get to the Port we go through different bazaars full of rugs and handicrafts. Strolling through its streets until you reach the port is totally magical.

Hadrian’s Gate

Another of the symbols of Antalya is the most important gate of the city. It was built between 131 and 132 AD to commemorate the arrival of Emperor Hadrian in the city.


Although there is much more to see in the city, such as the Hidirlik Tower or the Iskele Mosque or the Alaeddin Mosque along with the 38-meter-high fluted beacon, to name monuments, we are going to stop on the beaches of Antlaya, with crystal clear waters and big mountains in the background.

It is a very popular tourist destination for those who want to enjoy the sun, sand and sea.

There are many beaches in Antlaya that will immerse you in the deepest relaxation: Olympos beach, Kleopatra beach, Konyaalti beach, Lara beach, Damlatas beach, Adrasan bay, etc. Choosing which beach is perfect for you will be difficult because each one has its own special charm, but without a doubt they all have a common denominator: white sand, crystal clear turquoise waters and a beauty that very few beaches can match.

If you have chosen this holiday destination, you will not regret it and you will be able to enjoy an extraordinary place that will not disappoint you.

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