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Visiting spas in Europe

Spending a few days in the hot springs of spas enjoying the different treatments they offer is perfect for getting your body and spirit in tune. There is nothing better to completely relax and have that feeling of peace so characteristic of thermal places.

Although there are countless spas scattered throughout the planet, this time we are going to go through some of the European spas that, either for reasons of location, services they offer, quality, exceptional surroundings, peculiarities or prices stand out from others.

Gellért Spa – Hungary

The most famous spa in Budapest, it has spectacular architecture. After 100 years of history, it enjoys the privilege of being considered one of the best spas in the world. It has thermal baths containing mineral water from the hot springs of Mount Gellert. The complex includes saunas, wells, an outdoor pool that generates artificial waves every ten minutes, and even a sparkling pool.

Gellert Spa

Caldea, Andorra

This spectacular spa surrounded by mountains in Andorra offers unique experiences to its visitors. It is a spa center with thermal waters where families can enjoy its waters with children from 5 years of age. It has 31,000 m2 of facilities designed to restore vitality. Natural springs sprout at 70ºC with an abundance of sulphur, sodium and minerals. Its outdoor lagoon and bubbling outdoor beds are another added experience. Turkish bath, Icelandic bath, aquamassage, Sirocco bath, Hammam, etc. are many of the spaces that you can enjoy.


Pamukkale, Turkey

In the Menderes River Valley we find the magical place of Pamukkale. A wonderful landscape where you can enjoy its thermal waters that contain numerous minerals such as bicarbonate and calcium. Place where the Greek city of Hierapolis was built and on the travertine formation that has a total of 2,700 meters long. A surface of gleaming snow-white limestone, formed over millennia by calcite-rich springs.


Pools of Outariz, Ourense

In the region of Galicia (Spain) there is one of the best hot springs in the world. On the banks of the Miño River there are three hot springs: Pozas Muiño da Veiga, Pozas Outariz and Pozas A Chavasqueria, some of which are free to enter.

Pools of Outariz

We also find the Outariz Thermal Enclosure where you can enjoy two thermal circuits: the Zen circuit and the Celtic circuit.

Outariz Thermal Enclosure

Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa that sublimates with elegance the thermal waters present in the place. Its turquoise blue waters covered with steam, invite you to a moment of maximum relaxation, reaching temperatures of 40ºC. You can stay in their hotels and all within a unique environment. Located in a lava field, its waters include a high content of silica, and rich in salts and algae.

Blue Lagoon

Baden Baden, Germany

In the German Black Forest, the Baden Baden waters arise at a depth of 2,000 meters and temperatures that range between 50ºC and 68ºC, rich in sodium chloride. In this case, two facilities such as the Caracalla Baths and the Irish-Roman baths in Friedrichsbad stand out greatly.

Caracalla Spa

There are many spas that we find in Europe with spectacular facilities and locations, such as Bad Gasten Spa in Austria, the Vely Meder Spa in Slovakia, the Bad Zurzach Spa in Switzerland, or the Barbotan-les-Thermes Spa in France. The important thing is that with this brief sample of some of the most emblematic European spas, we have aroused your curiosity to visit the one that best suits your tastes and needs. Visit them!

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