One of the favorite destinations at Christmas is a visit to Santa Claus Village (Santa Claus’ town) in Rovaniemi, Finland. There is no cost to enter and it opens all year round until 5 in the afternoon, except at Christmas when it is open until 7 in the afternoon.

In this unique and charming town, there are souvenir and gift shops, a post office, a tourist information office, as well as restaurants, cafes and places to stay. Spectacular landscapes, activities of all kinds and magic are guaranteed. The main reason for visiting this special town is to visit its most endearing inhabitant: Santa Claus.

Husky Park

In Santa Claus Village, in addition to visiting Santa Claus, you can visit Husky Park and go on a sleigh ride with husky dogs. The route is approximately 10 km and the landscapes are spectacular.

Santa Claus Reindeer

Another great experience is the sleigh ride pulled by Santa’s reindeer that you can schedule and enjoy as a couple or as a family.


Within Santa Claus Village we can find various types of accommodation, hotels, cabins, among which is Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos Rovaniemi. In them you can stay made in snow and ice and if luck is with you, the possibility of seeing the northern lights lying down from the bed.

Another accommodation would be Santa’s Glass Igloos Artic Circle but this time with all kinds of amenities and glass walls / ceilings.

Undoubtedly, this endearing destination will delight children and adults, wrapping hearts with Christmas magic.

Do not forget to take a souvenir photograph with Santa Claus Ho Ho Ho

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