Antelope Canyon is located in the southwestern United States, near the town of Page in Coconino County, northern Arizona. It is located on a Navajo Indian reservation and in fact your visit must be done with a Navajo guide.

Es uno de los lugares más bellos de Estados Unidos y a la par uno de los más prohibidos de todo el planeta es sin duda este cañón. El increíble espectáculo de luz que se genera cuando el sol entra en los pequeños agujeros que existen en la parte posterior, es algo realmente extraordinario. En 1977 fue denominado Parque Tribal Navajo.

Antelope canyon

The narrowness of its walls means that the little light that penetrates gives the reddish sandstone rock some of the most spectacular and unusual colors.

The Navajos consider the Canyon a spiritual place and in harmony with mother nature. Its Navajo name is Tsé Bigháníliní, which means “place where water runs through the rocks.”

How was Antelope Canyon formed?

The formation of the canyon was due to the action of water, responsible for drilling for millions of years the spectacular and curious shapes that can be seen within these walls.

In some areas they can reach 40 meters deep. The name antelope is due to the fact that herds of antelope grazed years ago, during the winter season, inside the canyon.

Inside Antelope Canyon

The canyon is divided into two zones: Upper Antelope Canyon, which is the highest and most visited part, and Lower Antelope Canyon, which is the least explored lower part due to its inaccessibility.

The most popular tours are the Upper tours, and you can choose between a basic tour or a photography tour. From Las Vegas you can hire one of these tours that include the entrance and the visit with a Navajo guide.

We believe that visiting both canyons is essential if you go to this place, since it is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Nature sometimes offers us unimaginable spectacles such as this canyon, which seems to come from another planet. Find out!

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