Costa Rica, essence of Central America, Caribbean capital with exoticism of its lands and natural parks. Tropical nature is the hallmark of this country on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, full of “pura vida”, of which Costa Ricans are proud, friendly and cheerful people who love their land.

About Costa Rica

Beaches with crystal clear waters, exuberant tropical jungle, multicolored fauna, untamed forests and spectacular volcanoes are the protagonists of this country. Its climate allows to produce twelve months of the year.

The Tortuguero and Manuel Antonio national parks as well as the Arenal volcano will make you fall in love with this small country.


Did you know that Costa Rican banknotes are as colorful as their landscapes? Each denomination of Costa Rican cash presents a different landscape and animal. Among them are the capuchin monkey, the sloth bear, the white-tailed deer or the blue morpho butterfly.

Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity. Incredible true? We are not exaggerating then when we say that the biodiversity in Costa Rica is immense.

There is no spring or autumn, there are only two seasons that are winter between May and October and summer between November and April. Throughout the year its temperatures range between 21 and 27 degrees.

One more curiosity: on the beaches of Costa Rica you can see the sun rise from the horizon on the Caribbean coast and then watch it fall on a beach on the Pacific coast, all in the same day!

And the last one (for now), is that Costa Rica has 5 active volcanoes, which are Poás, Irazú, Arenal, Rincón de la Vieja and Turrialba and all of them are spectacular.

A quick tour of fascinating Costa Rica

We are going to delight you with a small part of what awaits any visitor who wishes to enjoy this exuberant and formidable nature.


And who does not want to bathe in such crystalline and natural waters …


Just imagine cooling off under similar waterfalls …

Volcanoes and hot springs

I can’t even imagine being near a volcano, in such hot springs …

Jungle Costa Rica

Impressive jungles that seem taken out of a movie, or rather, I am not surprised that many films have been shot in similar places …

And here are a few brief strokes of everything that remains to be discovered in this wonderful country … has it impressed you?

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